Hi, My name is Sherri Watt. I have done many things in my life but the journey of learning to become the person God intended has by far been the most exhilarating adventure of my life. My journey started ten years ago when a friend spoke into my life and encouraged me to pursue writing.  She very wisely saw a talent in me that I was blind to. Her encouragement led me to begin to blog. I would research the word of God and espouse the wisdom I gleaned to an unknown audience. In the years that followed, I founded a ministry and wrote curriculum a bible study that encouraged those dealing with life issues.  As I walked with women through the issues of sexual abuse, physical abuse, suicide, abandonment, and other difficult circumstances, I found a common issue that we all seem to fall victim to. We all seem to believe ourselves to be less valuable than what God reveals in His word.

As the ministry I founded with my husband came to an end, it left me asking God “what next?”  If this wasn’t to be my lifelong calling, then what would God have me do?  In seeking God’s direction, it led me to begin to write again.  This time my writing would be a book. A book where I would use my own stories to help others see who God really intended them to be.

I am proud to say my first book, Snowflake Princess Bride, is now available on Amazon.com.  It is filled with my own stories of learning how I was created as unique as a snowflake and made to be a royal bride. The last three years of writing this book was filled with emotion. Fear was a big emotion I battled; fear of failing, fear I wasn’t good enough, fear of judgment, fear of exposing my deepest struggles and darkest failures. With the help of Christ, I overcame those fears and finished the book.  I have learned so much about who I am through the words God gave me to put on paper.  I hope that you will learn what great value you have the pages of the book.

Through Jesus I have done more than overcome my past, I have found great joy for my future. My hope is that you do the same.